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Community Service Block Grant (CSBG)

The Community Services Block Grant Program (CSBG) is designed to provide a range of services to meet fundamental short-term needs of low income persons, based on results of surveys sent to Tazwood clients in the Fall of each year.

NOTE: CSBG Programs are available through Tazwood Community Services, Inc. to ONLY Tazewell and Woodford residents at this time. Residents of McLean and Livingston counties should reach out to Mid Central Community Action for information about CSBG programs.


Eligible services include a one-month payment of rent or lot rent for housing needs of low-income persons who have experienced a one-time emergency. Persons must have an eviction notice or be homeless. Except for good cause, a family may have a rent payment made once every two (2) calendar years.


Applicants must follow all steps provided by the Case Manager to show attempts at self-sufficiency and exhausted all other means of assistance. Referrals will be taken from DHS, Homeless Shelters, Schools, etc.


Expenses for shelter, such as rent payment are allowed only when it has been determined that the total of the applicant’s monthly income can cover the households basic living expenses.


Although they may be assisted whenever appropriate and/or possible, it is the responsibility of the client to obtain a fully complete, signed CSBG Housing Agreement and Tax Form from the relevant property owner or his agent. No arrangements, verbal or otherwise, will result in payment by TCSI until TCSI receives this agreement. Appropriate steps should be taken to confirm the authenticity of the Agreement.

In case of an extended family or where an unmarried partner may be in the household, staff may take two applications rather than one application if all persons are eligible for service.



The Water Bill Assistance program can help with a one-time payment to prevent a person's water service from being disconnected. The water bill must be in the applicant’s name and a shut-off notice is required.  Maximum of $500.00. A family may only have assistance once every two (2) years.


The Car Repair Program can help an eligible household with repairs to a vehicle needed to get to and from work or school. The client must be working an average of 27 hours a week or enrolled for at least 12 credit hours in school. The vehicle must be licensed and insured in the client's name and the client must also have a legal current driver's license. The client can receive help once every two (2) years. We can issue a voucher of up to $1,000.00 and we have a list of certified shops that work with us. Additional documentation may be required for a shop outside of this pre-approved list.



This program will help income eligible persons with purchasing a hearing aid for up to $3,750.00.



Resource Fairs will be held through out the service area with other providers to inform families of the local resources available in their community.



The Prescription Medication Assistance Program will assist persons under the age of 60 with needed prescription medication up to $1,000.00 per calendar year. A maximum of a one month supply may be purchased per voucher. Clients must be income eligible under the current CSBG guidelines and provide proof of age. No over the counter medications or supplies will be provided, with the exception of diabetic medication.



The Dental Program is designed to help low income persons with dental needs to help them continue in the work force and to help build up self esteem. Client must provide a dental estimate on the work needing to be done and an estimated cost for services. Clients receiving a medical card must use their medical card 1st, and Tazwood can pay for work not covered by the medical card.  No work is to be done until application is approved and voucher is issued. Maximum payment of $1,000.00



The Optical Program is designed to help persons who do not receive a medical card receive an eye exam and/or pair of glasses. After eligibility is determined, a voucher will be issued to Bard Optical to receive the services. This program is limited to receiving this service one time per every two calendar years. Frames are limited to the Valu-Plus line only, clients may not upgrade frames. Tazwood will pay for other add-ons necessary to correct vision only. Clients may pay extra for scratch coating, UV tint or warranty.     



This program helps supplement 12 area food pantries to help supply food or non-food items to their low-income clients. All food pantries must have client fill out eligibility form and provide a list of items purchased with funds. These forms will be provided by TCSI.



This program is designed to help employed clients with short-term financial assistance for summer day care for school age children or car repairs to enable them to maintain permanent employment of at least 30 hours a week or full-time student status. (Temporary or seasonal employment would not qualify them if not expected to last more than 90 day). A family may only have assistance once every two (2) calendar years.


For eligible households with children in school (Pre K - 12th Grade), households can receive gift card(s) for Shoe Dept. Program goes through July - August. The household must have proof that children live in the house.



The Scholarship Program is required by the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to help low income persons with financial assistance to continue their education. The client must meet income guidelines, be enrolled in an accredited college or trade school for at least 6 semester hours and maintain a “C” average in each class. The Scholarship Committee will make recommendations based on interviews with applicants.

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NOTE: CSBG Programs are available through Tazwood Community Services, Inc. to ONLY Tazewell and Woodford residents at this time. Residents of McLean and Livingston counties should reach out to Mid Central Community Action for information about CSBG programs.

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