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Warm Neighbors Cool Friends (WNCF)

Warm Neighbors Cool Friends (WNCF) is a matching program based on the customers past 45-day payments.

Applicants can only receive assistance once per heating season (September 1st - May 31st) and once in the cooling season (June 1st - August 31st) and their account balance must be BELOW $750.

During the Cooling Season, only households with someone deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration, a senior (60 years and older) or those with medical conditions exacerbated by heat (with a doctor's letter) can receive assistance. Maximum amount of assistance is $200 (depending on customer's payments from the past 45 days).

During the Heating Season, applicants must have written documentation of personal or family crisis, have a person deemed disabled by the Social security Administration or have a senior (60 years and older) in the household. Maximum amount of assistance is $350 (depending on customer's payments from the past 45 days).

Households who have received assistance from LIHEAP do not qualify for this program. 


This program targets households whose income is between 200-300% of Federal Poverty Level (FPL) or 80% of the county's Area Median Income (AMI). Special exceptions to be approved by the WNCF Executive Director.

The household 30-day gross income guidelines are as follows:

Table containing the income guidelines for the Warm Neighbors Cool Friends program

Required Documents:

  • Driver's License or State ID 

  • Most recent Ameren bill

  • Proof of any and all income for the past 30 days (SSA, SSI, wages, unemployment, pension, alimony, child support, TANF/AABD, etc.)

  • Other documentation may be requested at the time of the application and 15 days will be allotted to return the information to complete the application.

Tazewell County customers, please call Tazwood Community Services (Pekin) at (309) 266-9941


Woodford County customers, please contact Woodford County Heartline at (309) 467-6101

McLean County customers, please contact the Bloomington Salvation Army at (309) 829-9476

Livingston County customers, please contact Tazwood Community Services (Bloomington) at (309) 533-7723

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